What Websites Can I Go To Make Collages With Pictures On My Computer Without Having To Download The Program On My Computer?


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There are a lot of websites that you can make collages without having to download any software of programs. You should Google the different sites and have a look whether you need to download or whether you can do it online.

The best places to look for these sites are;

  • Google.
Search for sites by typing in 'making collages online'. This will bring up different sites where you will be able to make them. Look in your local art shop and see if thy have a message board. On their message board they may have different websites that they recommend for making collages.

  • Art and craft forums.
Look on art and craft forums and see if there are any discussions about the best collage sites out there. You will be able to comment on these forums if you sign up to get a username and password and you will then be able to ask all about the sites and whether you will have to download anything to use them or just use the website.

  • Local library.
In your local library they will probably have an art and craft section. The books here will tell you about online resources you can use for collages and you will also be able to find out if the library has an art and craft group. The people in this group or the organizers will be able to tell you all about the different online resources that are out there for you to use without having to download anything.

You might also want to look into the different kinds of software that you can buy to make collages if you make a lot of them. These are usually better quality and have better features than the ones you can use for free online.
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Try www.ScrapWalls.com.  It is easy to upload your photos and make a collage.  It is all online so you don't download anything.
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You can go to www.picnik.com its voted one of the best photo editing sites, you can make different types of collage, but the best ones you have to get premium, you can still do good ones though :) x
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Have huge databases
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