Hello I have a Lexmark printer Model #4408-K01 I need the disk to download printer on my computer?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

The disk should have come with it when you bought it. Sometimes you can go to your control panel under printers and devices and put the information in there and see if it recognizes it. It says right up on to top : Add a printer. This may work as I've had to manually put printers in people's PC's.  Also you might look at this for info on the drivers : Lost Printer Installation Disk? Now What? - Castle Ink › ... › Lost Your Printer Installation Disc

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Ray Dart answered

The latest drivers for this printer are dated 2009 (that is from Lexmark). They do not appear to be compatible with any OS after Windows Vista (but it's a free download, so you might as well download it and see if Windows plays ball). If you are lucky enough to be running Linux, the OS will probably recognise the printer anyway.

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