Can I Use HP Ink Cartridges In A Lexmark Printer?


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Normally, you cannot substitute one brand of computer ink cartridges for another. Even if, you are able to make another brand name cartridge, fit into the cartridge holder, you are risking damage to your printer. Not only are the inks of each brand of printer different, but normally, the cartridges are designed to fit into only the brand of printer they are designed to fit.

I know when you look at some HP ink cartridges, they look very similar to a Lexmark cartridge, but there are dissimilarities capable of damaging your printer. So, it is best never to consider attempting to substitute printer ink cartridges.

All ink cartridges are expensive, and many of the do it yourself, universal inks do not provide good color, and some, actually prevent your printer from working. So, it is best to purchase brand names, which are manufactured for the brand of printer you own. Today, there are companies, to which you can take your empty cartridge, and receive a replacement cartridge with ink, developed by them, to work well in your HP printer. I take my empty HP cartridges to a local company ,and my replacement cartridges only cost half the amount of a new cartridge.

I previously, had an Epson, and they matched it perfectly as well. It really makes a difference in my printer ink expenses. I recommend you look for a local business advertising matching ink in recycled cartridges at half price. There is one national chain I use and I hear it advertised on radio and TV.
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No, I think that you cannot use your HP inkjet Cartridges in you lexmark printer as they would not be compatible witr each other. And more over they would not even fit the cartridges slot that are made to fit the printer cartridges in. You should only use printer cartridges of the same brand and model in their respective printer, although you can use remanufactured ink cartridges and compatible ink cartridges that would be better.
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john carter answered

No you can not use Hp ink cartridges in a lexmark printer

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Mark Davis answered

no, you cant do this.

it might be damage your printer ink board

more details visit our site printer customer support

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There is no way Lexmark would let HP cartridges fit their printer, Lexmark design the printers to take their cartridges so they can make the money, if HP cartridges fit Lexmark printers then it would be HP making the money off Lexmark. Not a chance.

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