How Do You Refill Ink Cartridge For HP Printers?


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To refill the ink cartridge of the Hp printer, first of all you have to take out the cartage from the printer. Ensuring that the printer and computer are turned off. Then there is a specific injection type device for filling the ink in the cartage. So take that device and also an ink bottle either black or colored. Firstly put the injection in the colored bottle and fill the injection.

After filling it, there is a place at the bottom of the cartage that is covered with yellow type plastic cover, so remove that cover. You will see a hole in that place, insert the colored filled injection into that hole and fill the cartage. After some time it will be filled.
If you want to fill the black ink then do the same procedure I have explained above, but just your ink bottle will have black color ink. So fill the ink the ink in the cartage. After filling cover that hole again, in order to stop leaking the ink from the cartage.
And again install it into your printer.

There are specific ink bottles for cartage refilling and also the specific device for filling the cartage, like an injection. If you don't have the filling device or the ink bottles then you can consult any hardware engineer or from any shop in the market, that has these devices and can refill for you.
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Quantity of ink of colour of red yellow and blue in 818 coloured cartridge while filling in each compartment

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