How Do You Install A New Ink Cartridge In Your Computer Printer?


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Not printing properly very faint
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Installing a new cartridge in your computer printer is quite easy. First of all it is recommended that you buy new cartridges every time you run out of ink instead of refilling it. Refilling cartridges will have negative impact not just on the paper but on the printer too. It has been reported that refilled cartridges have ruined many printers. After you buy the new cartridges, remove the old ones carefully.

Remember the printer should be turned off before going any further. Install the new ones in the empty slot and turn on the printer. Remove a test page from the printer and check whether the new inks work or not. The first one or two times the ink might be a little smudge but that's all right. It will become normal again after one or two print outs. If the problem persists, exchange the inks with your retailer.

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