How Do I Load The Ink Cartridges In A Canon Pixma Mp190?


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Do not shut the power off, lift the top and a drop down prop will come down to hold the top in place. Push down on the cartridges and they will pop up in back now they can be removed.

Remove the wrappings and don't forget the bottom protective tape band. Next slide the B cartridge back with a slight front to back tilt and it will stop, then lift the front until you hear it click into place. Do the same for the other .
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Step 1

      Select the ink cartridge specific to your printer. Canon inks are versatile, so your selection may be as simple as choosing between black, color or a multi-pack with black and color cartridges.

      Step 2

      Turn on your Canon printer. The switch is generally located on the top right hand side of the printer. Open the printer's lid.

      Step 3

      Wait a moment. The cartridge carrier will automatically disengage.

      Step 4

      Put your hand behind the existing ink cartridge and pull the cartridge towards you until it pops out. Dispose of or recycle the used cartridge.

      Step 5

      Carefully pull the tape off the new cartridge.

      Step 6

      Position the new cartridge into the cartridge carrier. Make sure it is facing the correct position.

      Step 7

      Press the cartridge carrier gently until it clicks into place. Some cartridges have indicators to demonstrate that they are properly positioned.

      Step 8

      Close the printer's lid. Print a test page to ensure everything is working properly.
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I have officially given up trying to follow these instructions MP190 or the printer instructions or the stupid little diagram inside the printer...I have cut my finger and broken the damned cartridge...NOT user friendly at all...I get the click, then as soon as I let go the crappy cartridge falls out - grrrrr....can you tell I am frustrated?

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