How Do I Install Ink Cartridge In Lexmark X6650?


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To replace the ink cartridge in the Lexmark x6650 printer you have to turn on your printer.Raise the printer cover up towards you.Now, you can see inside components of the lexmark printer.Lift the cartridge release lever and remove any installed ink cartridges. Be careful when doing this because the ink may leak out. Remove the plastic from the brand new cartridges by carefully cutting them open with scissors or tearing along the perforated edges, there's a yellow tag located near the bottom of the ink cartridge. Take this tag off only when you're ready to insert the ink cartridges into the slots.Press the ink cartridges into the slots and listen for a clicking noise after the insertion. Clost your printer cover when you've completed the steps. Wait a few minutes for the printer to recognize that you have inserted bran new ink cartridges. After a few seconds,Print a test page on your printer. Take more help and more information from here .
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I need help right now and fast I just bought a Lexmark z645 and I need to know what sides to put the ink cartridges into on the left side there is a light green space and on the right side there is a dark green space what side do I put the black into ... Please help fast need to know ASAP ...Thank you

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