How Do I Reset Ink Cartridge Readings For Canon Mp210?


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  • How to reset the ink cartridge readings for a Canon MP210 printer

This is a common problem for people who have just refilled the ink cartridges on their Canon MP210 but then find that the readings do not recognize that the new cartridges are full. You will probably find that your printer will continue to bleep at you and not register that ink is there and will therefore not print anything.

The first thing you need to do is ensure that the ink cartridges are actually put into the printer properly. To do this you should take them back out and then put them back in again. You may need to force them back in and move them around until you hear a 'click'. This click indicated that they are in correctly and your printer will not accept the new cartridges until they are clicked in properly.

  • Resetting your printer

If your printer is still not accepting them, you will need to reset the printer. To reset the printer you need to press the small button which is located on the bottom row of 3 buttons. The button has a red circle with a triangle in the middle and you will need to hold this down for a few seconds until the orange light goes out. Your printer will now be reset and if your new cartridges have been inserted properly, your printer will now be working fine.

  • If your printer still does not work

If your printer is still not reset then it is likely that you have faulty cartridges or there is a fault with your printer. The best thing to do would be to take your printer to the store you bought it from and ask one of the experts. If they cannot fix it you should be able to get a refund or a new printer or cartridge.
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Try holding down the Stop/Reset key for 5 seconds of the Canon MP210, after a reset it will recognise the catridge

1. Turn off the printer ( "Power" button).
2. Hold the button "Resume" (red circle in the triangle), add a printer (click "Power") - an indicator light green.
3. Hold the "Power" button, release the button "Resume".
4. Not releasing the "Power" button, double click "Resume" and release both buttons.
5. Four times click "Resume"
6. Once you click "Power", to confirm the selected action (reset counter absorber). To disable the printer "Power" button to click.

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