How Do I Get The Ink Cartridges Out Of The Printer?


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Nouman Umar answered
It is very easy to get the ink cartridge out of your printers. First of all you need to find out which printer you have because in many printer the cartridge lie under the shutter so you open the shutter and find the place where the cartridges are placed. So when you open up the shutter of the cartridge you can see that there are two small ink cartridge are placed in your printers one is black and other is color ink cartridge.

So you can take out one which is empty to refill that ink so just unplug the hook which is placed in the cartridge and you can easily take out your cartridge out of your printers. The second thing is that there are two types of the printers one use cartridge and the second use the drum ink drum so decide first of all you need to determine which printer you have either it uses the cartridge or ink drum.

So there is different process for taking out each cartridge from the different printer. So in order to take out the cartridge it is very easy but if you need to take out drum from the printer you have to go through the rigorous process.

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