How Do You Get Your Pics From Your Cell Phone To Your Computer?


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Almost every mobile today supports the different connectivity methods via which we can easily connect our mobile phone with other devices (like PC, another mobile etc.).
These different connectivity method include infrared, Bluetooth, IrDA etc.Besides the above ways some mobile phones also come with a data cable and a software package.

We install this software on a PC and connect the mobile with the PC through USB port and data cable.Now this software provide an interface by which we can easily copy the data (images, sounds, videos etc) from mobile to PC and vice versa.Through other connectivity methods (like infrared, Bluetooth, IrDA etc) you can also transfer your pictures to your PC.
But these ways of communication are wireless and in these cases you also require some hardware device that enables you to connect your mobile with your PC.

This device is very cheap and easily available. Simply connect this device to the USB port, and keep align your mobile phone with this device. Now a message appears on your PC as well as on your mobile to create this connectivity. Allow your devices to communicate and transfer your pictures and other data to your PC connected with it.Check your mobile menu to see either it supports some feature like that or not.
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There are a lot of ways of transferring your mobile pictures to your home computer or PC or to a laptop. With every compatible mobile phone which is able to take a picture or retain a picture in its memory would have a cable provided with it when sold. Along with a cable, will also be a Software Compact disk.

First of all, you need to install the software provided in the Compact disk. The installation process would mostly take a few minutes. After the Installation is done, the process of transferring can be started by copying the files from your mobile into your destination place.

A second way is to transfer using blue tooth. In this method, both your mobile and the computer must be compatible with blue-tooth technology. Software "Blue Soleil" can be installed from the Compact disc provided by the Mobile or the Blue-tooth Receiver. The transfer of pictures can be initiated by copying the pictures from the mobile to the computer.

A third way to transfer pictures is by memory chip card. In this method, your mobile must have the slot for memory card. In order to be able to transfer using memory card. One must have a card reader which is mostly "Plug n Play". Transferring can be initiated by copying from the memory card reader to your required place.

Another method that comes to mind is using the old fashioned technology of Infra-red. However, one must have the required infrared port in both the computer and the mobile. The transferring can be initiated by initializing the infra-red in the mobile and keeping the infrared ports in the line of sight in-order to start the transfer.

All these methods can be used to transfer data including pictures from your mobile to computer.

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