Can You Send Videos From Your Email Address To Your Cell Phone?


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That all depends on your phone and if you have enough memory. Howver, most video will not work as you will not have the correct codecs to be able to play the video and sound....simpy put your phone will not recognize the video and will not play it. However if you have Windows Mobile you can download the skyfire browser (just search for it on google) and then use and straight through you phone like having your own TRUE MOBILE TV. You can watch practically anything you can watch online as a streaming video through skyfire and Windows Mobile.
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Just wanted to add that if you have enough memory and Windows Mobile, you can get CORE mobile player and it should play more than Windows Media Player will on your phone. Also, you may want to look into any .avi or .vob files to .3gp or .3gpp files converters as they may be able to get your video to play on a cell phone, then you could possible send that through and email...some email accounts will not send messages greater then a set amount. Check with your ISP

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