How To Send Picture From Computer To Straight Talk Phone?


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This is an issue that many people who use these types of phones face on a regular basis. Straight Talk phones usually either use AT&T or Verizon. If you are attempting to send a picture to your AT&T Straight Talk phone then access your e-mail account and upload the picture as an attachment. Then, send the message to the following address: [email protected] This is what you need to do if you want to send an actual image and not a text message.

If you are using Verizon, then you can try using the following address: [email protected] However, some users have difficulty using this address while others are able to use it without any problems. The problems seem to come from the particular area that you are attempting to send the message from (such as geographical area) and not necessarily the phone model that you are currently using.

As an alternative, you can also use a free picture sharing device or service such as Photobucket. If you’re going about it this way then upload your picture to the site, and then go into the mobile Photobucket application on your phone and access your picture in this manner. However, this would require Internet access on your Straight Talk phone and might necessitate more data storage than you currently have.

Of course, if you have Bluetooth enabled on both your phone and your computer then you can synch both devices and send pictures to your phone this way, too. This might be the best alternative if the email addresses are not working properly.
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Some straight talk phones use verizon towers & some use at&t towers. My son's phone uses  at&t towers. I sent a pic from gmail to his phone like this ( for The ones that use at&t towers )  [email protected]  To send as just a text message ( NO PIC ) use [email protected]                                                                                  I found this by sending a picture text from his phone to my email. And it showed up like this  [email protected]  . Then I just sent a text from his phone & it show up like this [email protected] .  So just have them send a pic to your email then you got it. edit
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Are you talking about graphics? If so, access You will have to purchase graphics using your valid debit/credit card. If your talking about a picture file from your comp, then you must connect to your computer via bluetooth that if your phone's bluetooth profile supports PC connection which I doubt. Wish you luck!!!

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