How Do You Delete Unwanted Cookies From Your Computer?


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Right click on your Internet Explorer icon and then go to 'properties'.  In the 'General' tab, there should be a button that says 'delete' click on that and it should bring you to an area where you can delete temporary internet files, browsing history and cookies.
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First you will have to open up notepad. The easiest way to do this is to press down the Windows key and then press R. Now type in notepad.exe and then press Enter.
Now paste in each part of code into your notepad and then save the file with the extension .bat. For instance, to delete the cookies stored on your computer, copy and paste the following into notepad: @echo off and del /s /q "%userprofile%\cookies\*.*"
Next click File and then Save As... Now you should choose where to save it (like the desktop) and then you must type in deletecookies.bat and press Save.
There are several software programs available that will help you to remove cookies and the temp files for you but unfortunately most of them are quite useless (free) or you will have to pay for them. These little programs will help you to delete the files that clutter your hard drive, and they are free.
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Clean cookies from my pc
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You can delete Cookies manually by Options/ properties in browser.. It slows down your browser. I would recommend to use pc cleanup utility tool like Reginout to optimize pc and remove unwanted files from your PC.

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