What Are The Advantages Of Server-based Networks?


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Followings are the advantages of server based networks.
(1) in sever based networks users can share equipments like laser printers.
(2) Management of users becomes very easy in server based network because you can manage all users from a single computer (server).

(3) All the data stored on central storage device so it becomes easier to backup data.
(4) Security is one of the main issues when we talk about server based networks. In server based network (environment) security is very easy to manage because one server has to make policies and it applies on all the users in network.

(5) Backup of all the data is very easy to perform in server based networks as you just have to make schedule and server automatically makes backup according to the schedule.
(6) A server based network has the power of managing thousands of users. you cannot do this thing in peer to peer networks. Actually if there are ten computers and some of them are clients and some are servers then it is impossible to manage them in peer to peer network. You have to use server based network.
(7) If you central data storage fails then you can restore by using backup.
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Whenever the number of computers in a networks becomes more than fifteen you should use a server-based environment because it becomes almost impossible for peer-to-peer networks to handle such computing. In the centralized or server-based system the clients connect to the central computer for one or more services. Almost all processing is done on the server. This helps in the synchronizing the data as every one accesses and manipulates the data that is stored in a centralized location.

Maintaining security in a server based networks much easier than that in a peer-to-peer network as the only system whose security matters is the server. You only need to maintain the security of the data and other resources of the server. In a server-based environment accounts for different users are created and maintained on the server and only those users are granted the access whose details match the details specified in the corresponding account. Different rights are assigned to different users such as whether this particular user has the right to print the data, whether some user has the right to open some particular file etc. The management of such types of rights is easy in centralized networks because the whole administration revolves around the server.

It also reduces the overall cost of the system because most of the cost as you have to spent on one system that needs more resources and also need administration and on the other hand the client systems can be dump terminal or they can have very low processing power. This makes the server based network cost efficient.
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Identify how to apply control mechanisms to the network for managing users
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More Security
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