What Are The Services Provided By The Network Layer?


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The network layer in the internet model is responsible for carrying a packet from one computer to another computer. It is also responsible for host to host delivery. In simple words, when we send a packet from one location to another, the twp network layer protocols in the two computers cooperate to supervise the delivery of the message. The network layer is the third layer of the internet model. It receives services from the data link layer and then provides services to the transport layer of the model.

The network layer provides mainly these services, the internetworking, the addressing, the routing, the packetizing, and the fragmenting. The main duty of the network layer is to provide internetworking, the logical gluing of the heterogeneous physical networks together to look just like a single network to the upper transport and the application layers. Regarding it service of addressing, the addresses used in the network layer must uniquely and universally defines the connection of a host computer or router to the internet. The addresses at the network layer must be unique in the sense that each address defines one and only one connection to the internet. The network layer encapsulates packets received from upper layer protocols and makes the new packets out of them.

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