What Is Twisted Pair Cable?


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Twisted pair cable is a type of cabling that is used for telephone communication and most modern Ethernet networks. A pair of wires forms a circuit that can transmit data the pairs twisted to provide protection against cross talk the noise generated by adjacent pairs. The wire pairs are twisted for two reasons. First, when a wire is carrying a current that current creates a magnetic field around the wire. This signal on nearby wire. To combat this, Paris of wires carry single in opposite directions, so that the two magnetic field also occur in opposite directions and cancel each other out. The process is known as cancellation.

Twisting the pairs holds the two wires closer together and helps to ensure effective cancellation within the cable. Second, network data is sent using two wire in a twisted pair, one copy of the data is sent on each wire, and the two wire are twisted together, noise seen on one are called different signal if the two wires are twisted together , noise seen on one wire is also be seen on the wire is also on the other wire. When the data is received, one copy is inverted, and the two signals are then compared. In this manner the receiver can filter out noise because the noise signal cancel each other.
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A kind of cable that consists of two separately insulates wires twisted
around one another. The use of two wires twisted jointly helps to decrease crosstalk and
electromagnetic initiation.

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