What Are Merits And Demerits Of Client-server Model?


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1: As server offers the main store for data, so the security issues are minimized. Clients can not leak the security information/data
2: It is easy to upgrade, maintain and repair the server without disturbing the client.
3: Centralized data makes it easy to maintain the maximum number of client computers by using this model.
Disadvantages :
1:Its high initial cost makes it too expensive for the users.
2: If there is an increased data traffic, the server can fail to correspond to the clients' request.
3: If the server gets over-loaded or fail, all the clients are unable to perform their related functions.
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Client-server model refers to a computing architecture that separates the client from a server, and is implemented over a computer network. The merits are:
- ease of maintenance due to division of computing activities.
- greater security
- Data updation is easier.
- can function with multiple clients.
The demerits are:
- traffic congestion
- Lacks robustness
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Ease to use
friendliness of the user interface
reduces the total cost of ownership
increase productivity

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