What Destination IP Address Does A DHCP Client Use To Send The Initial DHCP Discover Packet When Looking For A DHCP Server?


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Kevin Cronk answered
It doesn't, it sends a broadcast message over the entire network
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Jase answered
Unless you are using a multi-homed environment with hard-coded dhcp configurations or bootp configurations that assign your workstation to a specific DHCP server in an enterprise, your DHCP client will broadcast the discovery request to all members of your subnet.

If your hardware addresses is explicitly defined in a DHCP server table, the server will respond and you will be assigned an IP. If no explicit definition exists, you should have a single DHCP server on a subnet. Mutliple DHCP servers on a single subnet can be disastrous.

With Windows, I believe that your DHCP information is cached at the workstation so that your workstation checks the previously connected DHCP Server Address first, then broadcasts.

Hope this info helps,jase

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