What Is The Difference Between Web Client And Web Server?


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Put simply, a server stores the info, and a client views it. This is the very basic model. This is rather complicated to answer.
A little more detail. A Server is responsible for storing the information to be viewed by the clients, and is also usually a Web Host. A Web host allows connections to the server to view said stored info.
Firefox is not a client, it is a web viewer. The standard web server also store client info. In terms of web pages, this would give the client info to your web viewer to see.
Did you know that Windows NT Server also stores Windows NT Workstation info? This was so you could install windows to multiple computers from a central server. Essentially, a web server does the same thing. Every time you view a page you are handed the client info, so your web app knows how to present the info to you.
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Web client is user who get served by paying, and web server is service provider which hosts website on server at particular location.

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