What Is The Difference Between A Web Designer And Web Programmer?


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There is a huge difference between a web designer and a web programmer and an easily explanation can be given by stating an example.

When building a house, a builder builds the house and an engineer designs the house. Their jobs are different. An engineer takes up a paper and lays out the rooms, the structural design and so forth and the builder just follows the plan and builds it.

Similarly a web designer designs web pages, lays out his idea on the web content that should be present in the web site, designs the format of the web page and hence forth decides every thing that is necessary in designing a webpage. On the other hand, a web programmer is basically the person who follows the web designers plan. He takes in the designs and implements it to some thing real.

At this point, you may be wondering that a web programmer is basically a worker, however that is not the case. If the programmer is unable to implement the plan, the plan is of no use, no matter how creative. If the HTML (Hyper Text Mark up Language-the programming language used for designing web page) cannot implement what is required then no matter how smart the designer is, he will need to change his designs.
Therefore both the web programmer and web designer work together to build a page that is worth surfing.
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They must mutually identify a small as regards the other's work. The designer is, certainly, the gentleman who manufactures what you observe and how you observe it. However it is the programmer's work to compose certain that it put on views properly. If the designer does not be familiar with any HTML, then he may create the entire kinds of designs that are not probable. In the simplest of clarifications; web designer generates the front-end moreover web programmer generates the rear-end

On the other hand, in my view a web designer requires to identify a small as regards encoding to be capable to design correctly. Designing a website is not the entire about the "seems", it is moreover concerning functionality. A designer requires recognizing how the site is leaving to find the way; the formation of the sheets and what sorts of "facial appearances" the sheet is leaving to require. If the designer does not recognize these obsessions, they can generate seem that is huge unaccompanied however formerly you effort in the rear-end courses (the supremacy of the website) if the design does not toil healthy by it, you have not achieved amazing at gathering your objective of a healthy intended website.
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When I say programmer, I mean anyone from a legit software developer to a fresh-out-of-college fireball that knows nothing more than how to make a contact form send an email. When I say designer, I mean anyone from a professional graphic/web designer to a self-tought-tutorial-addict-freelancer. Programmers and designers try to please the same set of clients on a daily basis. But in todays "website as a faceplate" world, neither profession can offer a complete list of services to satisfy even the mildest small-to-mid-sized growing company.

The result is a spiderweb of outsourcing and virtual personas being displayed by companies in both fields, striving to meet clients' needs, and trying to appear capable even though they are not. Graphic design firms rarely hire programmers, and programming companies rarely hire designers. They would rather outsource than hire a full-time employee whose skills are only used on occasion, because most of their business is derived from their core services. This is part of the problem. Designers and Programmers work in different arenas more often than not.
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Web designer is somebody that use photoshop to create a design web pages while web developer used php and notepad to produce web pages.

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