How To Check The IP Address Of A Twitter Account?


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I don't think you can. An IP address tells users roughly where the internet is being used from and so a person's IP address can change; it isn't static to a Twitter account, for example.

If a person were to sign into Twitter using their home desktop, the IP address in this case would show up as their home internet provider, and a location which is approximate to about 30 miles.

However, if this same person logged into their same Twitter account on a hotel computer in a different country, their IP address would change completely. Instead, it would show up as being within a 30-mile radius of their current location.

You can, however, check an IP address (remembering what I said above) by using IP checker websites. One such site is 'What's my IP':

These sites work really well for certain things. I used the above site as my Facebook and AOL accounts seemed to have been very subtly hacked; nothing had been changed and no information stolen, but it kept logging me off my own computer as I was apparently logging in elsewhere.

Through security at Facebook, I managed to get hold of the IP address from where 'I' was logging in and used the IP checker which told me someone over 200 miles away was for some reason watching my Facebook and AOL accounts.

Luckily, this allowed me to completely change my passwords, and it hasn't happened since, but the IP checker is a brilliant tool.

If you are suffering the above situation, I hope you get to the bottom of it. Just remember to change all your passwords to something not relevant (not pet names, family names, dates of birth etc.) as the person snooping at your account may well know you.

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