How Do I Get My Hotmail Username If I've Forgotten It Having Only Opened An Account Last Week?


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After you have initially set up an account with hotmail you receive a confirmation email that has all or detail included such as your password and your username. If you do not receive the confirmation email then it is likely that you have not successfully created a hotmail account. However, if you cannot access your confirmation email, then there is an alternative method that you can use to find your username and gain access of your account. Firstly, go back to the login page that is found on the hotmail home page, click on my account. When the login page comes up click on ‘forgotten password’.  The next page to come up should give you three different options:

1.I forgot my password
2.I know my password and Windows Live ID, but can't sign in
3.I think someone else is using my Windows Live ID

If none of these options apply, click on the alternative icon that says Windows ID forum. This page will show different frequently asked questions and issues that you may have regarding your hotmail account. However, if you question does not fall into any of these categories it is likely that you may have to create a new account.

A new account can be created by going back to the hotmail home page and clicking on the register of sign up option. Again, you will have to input all of your details, including a new username and password. It is advisable that you chose your username and password based on something that is easily remembered. Furthermore, to ensure that the same thing does not happen again, it may be handy to make a note of your hotmail username and password it a place that is safe an cannot be accessed.

If you are unable to remember your hotmail account name or e-mail address then you could ask another person to tell you what the address is. This would be the simplest option. Your address would be sent to them when you send e-mails so someone should be able to tell you what it is.

Microsoft is unable to divulge account details to people without a valid password or answer to a security question. They would need to be told specifically what e-mail address these details go with. There is one exception to this, which is if you have a subscription service with Microsoft you can call a telephone support number. With this they may be able to access your information provided you have the security details necessary. This information can be found on the hotmail website.

The suggestion Microsoft makes is that if a user really cannot remember their e-mail address, and has no way of discovering it, then the best option is to create a new account. If any important e-mails were lost then contacting whoever sent them would be the easiest solution to that problem. It is worth backing up information of this nature both on a computer and also in written form to cover all eventualities.

If there is a family member or close friend you could also share the information with then that would also be a good way to protect any accounts you have. If you have multiple accounts you could set it up so that e-mails, which go to a certain account, also go to other accounts that you have so that you are unlikely to lose important e-mails. E-mails and information of contacts are also worth duplicating to avoid any losses.
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Go back to the login page and click forgot user name and follow the instructions but you must be certain that you did set up the account if you did not receive an email confirmation then it is most likely that it was not set up.  Try the forgot user name first then if you do receive a reply in your other email then your sign up did not go through sign up again.
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That is true, but useless if you've just signed up and not sent anyone any e-mails yet.
E-mail the provider with all the details that you signed up with. (Full name/Address/fate you signed up. "DON'T PUT YOUR PASSWORD"!.
Explain what has happened.
I did it last week and they helped me out because I had gave them my details
It may also help if you find your ip address, hence providing evidence that you signed up with on that Laptop/PC (If you used a public pc, that you'll just have to e-mail them)
Good Luck

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