How To View Private Twitter Accounts?


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When someone has their Twitter account set as private, the most straightforward method for viewing their Tweets would be to follow them and wait for them to accept your request.

If they deny you, then there may be a method you can use to get around their privacy settings - although I wouldn't recommend it.

Viewing private Twitter accounts
If someone has denied your 'follow request', my advice would just be to let it go. In my opinion, people who have private Twitter accounts aren't really using the micro-blogging site to its full potential anyway.

The kind of people who block users from seeing their tweets tend to be stuck-up and self-important. They're generally not worth following in the first place.

If you're absolutely determined to use backdoor methods to view someone's tweets, however, I have seen a couple of tech forums which suggest several methods of doing so.

One method involved finding a user who's been allowed to view the protected account.

From there, you'd need to view the XML data for the non-protected user's page, and search for text relating to the protected user's tweets (you can do this by searching for their username).

Different followers of the account will have different XML data, so you may need to repeat this process several times before you get any results.

Whether going to such lengths is really worth it... Well, I'm simply not sure!
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You're trying to tell people how to hack twitter now what happens if someone sends your name on here to the administrators of Twitter . They could start a investigation so you may want to be careful on posting this stuff on here cause you just never know what could come out of it.
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Nah, never mind. Private tweets are either boring or cheesy. You'll regret going there. Trust me!

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