How to view private twitter 2014?


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I found a pretty simple way to view private Twitter profiles in 2014.

Last year I was using an old hack that involved trying to trick the user into giving an app permission to access their friends list through the Twitter API. That no longer works, so here is the new method I am using (Btw, it has worked on 3 different celebrity twitter accounts, so you know it's the real deal!).

How to hack private Twitter accounts

I can see private Twitter accounts by sending a follow request to the private user.

But what if they don't accept you? Heres how to make sure they do.

Step 1: Find them on any other social media network: Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Pinterest, Flickr, LinkedIn

Step 2: Find someone they interact with regularly on another social network.

Step 3: Look that person up on Twitter. If they already have an account, move on to the next person. Keep doing this until you find a connection that they have on another site, that doesn't use Twitter already.

Step 4: Create a profile for this person on Twitter. All you really need are the following things:

  1. A recent profile photo
  2. Something accurate to write in their bio
  3. A few tweets saying "I just joined Twitter" or "how do I do this or that on Twitter?"
  4. You may also want to start following some people in common, or use the information you have gained about this person to follow some relevant stuff (for example, if you can tell from their Pinterest that they are into basketball and from Chicago, then follow the Chicago Bulls).
  5. Once you have a credible enough profile, try to follow the private profile on Twitter.

Note: There is a danger that they may eventually work out what you're doing.

That's why, once you have been accepted, you need to completely change your profile so that you will do under the radar. Just change your image and bio to something relevant or vaguely interesting, and you won't ever get unfollowed!

I have tried this so many times and got away with it each time. I even managed to trick some celebrities into following me this way:

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