How can I view private instagram 2014?


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When I was learning how to hack private Instagram profiles, I was careful to search for answers from 2014 and onwards.


Because in 2013 Facebook and Instagram removed a bunch of security loopholes that were allowing people to hack into private accounts and see personal images and videos that they were not meant to have access to.

These Instagram hackers were shut down, but in 2014 more ways to hack Instagram appeared.

Sadly, some of these new hackers created videos like this one below:

They are a complete waste of time!

There are also plenty of articles published in 2014 onwards that claim to have discovered new hacks that Instagram hasn't spotted yet:

And yet they don't actually tell you how to hack an Instagram profile!

For example, the article above is just about how Instagram and Facebook have the support of the "Facebook White Hat Program" where people are paid 4-figure sums of cash every time they report a security flaw... ok, so not exactly helpful...

Then I discovered this page about how to actually hack Instagram profiles:

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