How to view a private instagram account?


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Viewing private Instagram accounts, photos and private user profiles has been a hot topic lately.

However, since Facebook bought and took over the running of Instagram, they have been using their security team to patch up flaws in the security software that protects the privacy of users that choose not to make their images and other content public on Instagram.

That doesn't mean we can't try and find a way to beat the pros and break into private Instagram profiles. Here's the story of one guy that managed to do it successfully.

How to view private Instagram profiles

A web developer and hacker recently posted on Reddit with a post entitled How I hacked Instagram to see your private photos.

He went into great detail about how it was possible to view private Instagram profiles and photos.

Sadly, he also told us about how he reported the security flaw to Facebook, and was paid a large sum of money for spotting the bug and making them aware of it.

You can read the full story here:

If you're looking or more up to date information on how to hack Instagram after February 2014 (when this flaw I'm talking about was patched up), then have a search on Blurtit.

I found some interesting conversation about it going on here:

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