How to view private users on Instagram?


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Anthony Barnes , Conent Writer at Promoting Team, answered

Well, the simplest way to answer your question will be a no. You cannot view private profile without following them. If you try to hack them or use any app to do so then instagram will surely ban you.

But there are some tips and tricks through which you can do so.

Following those person are the simplest way. But if you wanna watch the things they are posting then things will surely get difficult. Because you have chosen the difficult way.

If you know any mutual friend of the person whose account you want to visit without following them, then ask them whether they are following that person. If they do , then ask them to lend them their phone or whatever device they are using for visiting that person's account.

You can also use some Instagram bots which are available online to do this. But the bots which will give you the exact results will cost you money. There are some bots that are free to use. But most of them are fake and spam-my. So it's better not to use them.

You can try hacking there account. But for that you need skills and
enough practice if you don't want to get caught.

Deceive them. Pretend you are someone else, infiltrate that persons friends, then once you look like a legit account who is followed by that person’s friends, then send them a request to follow them and hope they accept.

You can also buy instagram comments, likes and followers for achieving this result too. If you boost your account by buying followers, likes and comments then the person you want to follow will end u following you first. Because you seem so popular.

But buy these stuffs from trusted sources. Otherwise, your account will face growth loss and lots of problems.

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guarantee your money back.

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But cutting all these bullshits and wastage of time, the best way is to follow them. That’s it.

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Dawid Kozacki answered

As i answered in other question , but quite similar to this one - you should keep digging in the

Such phrases like " Instagram Private Profile Viewer" or "Instagram Private Profile Viewer Toolkits" will help you. Try now. :) Hope i helped you.

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Anonymous answered

I'm pretty sure you can view private Instagram profiles or users, but there are some scams out there too.

One I fell for was called 'View Insta"

I entered a twitter username of the Instagram user I wanted to see private photos of, and this is what it took me to:

This is actually a trick because the site gets paid every time someone completes a survey. How annoying is that!

Anyway, if you want to really view private Instagram photos & profiles, it seems like  the only way is to find a security flaw within the app.

Here's a page that seems to show how some people have had some success hacking Instagram and gaining access to private user information:

I'd also recommend checking out up to date answers like

It's important to include the "2014" bit because, as Instagram became aware of security flaws, they will patch them up meaning the hack won't work any more.

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Juddith Drawn answered

If you wish to see private profiles on Instagram, then the best way is to create a fake account as someone the user is likely to befriend. Maybe it could be someone they know in real life... or someone they might admire or look up to.

For example, if you know this person really likes skateboarding and hot guys, then create a profile as a hot skateboarder and then send the Instagram friend request to the private profile.

This is by far the easiest & most effective way to view private Instagram profiles without anyone knowing it was you all along.

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