Is Tcp/ip Is Connectionless Or Connection Oriented?


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Tcp is stand for transmission control protocol and it is connection oriented protocol. Its work on transport layer of osi model.which also known as layer 4 is reliable protocol because it use acknowledgement for transmission of every segment.and if some packets are not received by destination host that its send negative ack (nack). And udp (user datagram protocol) protocol is connectionless protocol. But its faster than tcp and unreliable.
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No, tcp/ip is not a connectionless protocol it is a connection oriented protocol. It is able connect with with wire through n/w.
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tcp/ip means TRANSMISSION CONTROL PROTOCOL AND INTERNET PROTOCOL. These protocol are assessed with the help of modem connection. So these are connection protocol not connectionless.
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TCP/IP is a connection oriented protocol.
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Tcp/Ip is connectionless

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