Describe the advantages of the connection oriented protocol tcp?


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  • Definition
Connection Orientated Protocol is used in telecommunications to transmit data, It can sometimes be called a 'Reliable' network service, as it almost guarantees that data will arrive in the sequence it was originally sent.

The TCP, or Transmission Control Protocol is one of two components that make up an internet protocol suite, the other being an Internet Protocol (IP).

Simply put, this means that TCP's and IP's are used in sending information over the internet.

  • How it works
An IP works by exchanging 'packets', which are pieces of information sent via telecommunications services. A packet is made up of a header and body, with the header describing the packet's destination and body the data that is being transmitted.

Unfortunately due to overloaded networks and other problems, IP packs can sometimes be lost or delivered in the wrong order. It is therefore the job of the TCP to sort these problems, by re-sending the lost data and rearranging incorrect sequences.

TCP is found in the many computer processes we use on a daily basis, including E-mail, peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) and streaming video and other media files.

For further information on connection-oriented protocol it is recommended that you refer to a text book on the subject. These can be found in all libraries and purchased from high street bookshops, as well as online at web-stores such as

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