What The Disadvantages Of TCP?


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One of the disadvantages of TCP is that it can be slower for transmission. This disadvantage can be seen with phone and video transmissions via the internet, where they are slow due to the TCP rather than UDP use.

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TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. It is one of the top network protocols used with the internet. The acronym IP refers to a protocol that deals with packets. TCP can work with two hosts in order to create a connection and stream data. The TCP is connection oriented. This means you have to open the connection points before you can transmit data. In other words, if you are handling a video conference you and the person on the other end have to open up their video software so that the video conference can get underway.

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TCP means that the receiver has no idea of how the data is transmitted. The sender gets to decide this. The only guarantee with this option is that the sender and receiver know the data has been sent and received without any error because the error is corrected.

Despite the fact that one does not know how the data is transmitted there is at least the assurance that it has been transmitted. There is also a need for an OnDataAvailable event. The event is triggered at the lower level.

There is also the need to have a client/ server application where the command boundaries are required before the data can be sent. Even though there are disadvantages to the whole TCP protocol option, there are some definite benefits. The information is sent in one chunk so the person on the other end gets the entire message instead of a partial message and then the rest later on.
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There are two primary disadvantage of TCP/IP,Its size and Speed.TCP/IP is relatively large protocol stack, as can cause problems in MS-DOS based clients.

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