Why Do We Need TCP/IP?


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We do not need  TCP/IP as a protocol to send and receive information/data/video... It's just that TCP/IP is the dominant protocol used and was utilised when the internet was in it's infancy. The internet is what most people are exposed to and therefore the protocol that connectivity to the internet requires.

There are plenty of other protocols around and there are other ways of getting data to and from network devices. ;)

TCP/IP was 30+ years old on this year (2013) and has largely gone unchanged.

More information here are to some of the speculative reasons why TCP/IP is dominant.

And the daddy of TCP/IP books goes to

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Just to add to this, the primary reason TCP/IP (as opposed to say UDP/IP) is that it provides guarantees that data (a) is delivered (usually), and (b) is delivered in order, even when network connections are a bit shaky, or when data is being routed across multiple links at the same time. This capability is essential for many of the protocols that drive the modern internet, including HTTP, which is the primary protocol for the world wide web.
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In order to recieve information from websites and download hosted material the server you are downloading from has to know where to send the information to. The IP address is what supplies that infrmation.
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Its basically for communication between the two devices

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