What Are Tha Advantages And Disadvantages Of TCP/IP?


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The primary advantages of using TCP/IP are :
1. TCP/IP can be used to establish connections between different types of computers and servers. Providing this type of interoperability is one of the main advantages of TCP/IP.
2. TCP/IP is an industry standard, open protocol. This means that it is not controlled by one institute.
3. TCP/IP operates independently of the operating system.
4. TCP/IP has a scalable, client/server architecture.
5. TCP/IP includes support for name and address resolution services, including Domain Name Service Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and Windows Internet Name Service .
The disadvantages of TCP/IP are summarized below:
1. IPX is faster than TCP/IP.
2. TCP/IP is intricate to set up and manage.
3. The overhead of TCP/IP is higher than that of IPX.

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