What Is The Role Of An ISP?


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ISP in simple words is an Internet Service Provider. An ISP provides internet access to homes and companies. An ISP may operate at the national or local (regional) level. A national ISP will cater to the entire nation and a local ISP will provide internet access to a limited geographic area. Examples of ISP's operating at the national level are AOL, CompuServe, MSN etc. and those playing at the local or regional level are Ameritech, Soltec etc.

Depending on your requirement and your budget ISPs can provide internet connectivity through different types. An ISP can provide dial-up access, broadband, cable, DSL and other types of access. In addition to internet access, ISPs may provide other services as well like web hosting, data centre services and email solutions.

Different ISPs offer different deals. Individuals and companies should do a little research of the ISPs around the locality before choosing one, especially the terms and conditions they offer. Some of the important points to be considered while choosing an ISP are call connection cost, whether cost is based on downloads and uploads, reliability of the service, whether there is an online usage check facility, technical support facilities, security of the network and safety of the information.

Top 10 ISP's in the US are:

1) America Online
2) Comcast (cable broadband)
3) SBC (AT&T) (DSL only)
4) Verizon (DSL only)
5) Road Runner (cable broadband)
6) EarthLink (DSL, dialup, cable, satellite, PLC, and web hosting-SK EarthLink and some other business lines not included)
7) BellSouth (DSL only)
8) Cox (cable broadband)
9) United Online (counting paid dialup only)
10) Charter (cable broadband)

Top 10 ISP's in the UK are:

1) Freeserve (2 million active)
2) World Online 1.4 million
3) AOL multiple brands 1.2 million (est.)
4) LineOne 1.1 million
5) Virgin Net 500,000
6) Genie 450,000
7) BT Click 440,000
8) BT Internet 425,000
9) Claranet 350,000
10) Thus 246,000
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ISP stands for Internet service provider or Internet access provider. It is basically a company which offers access to the internet to all its customers. It connects the customers using data transmission technology and delivers internet protocol data grams such as dial up, DSL, Cable modem etc.

ISP's play a crucial role in providing internet services to all sorts of consumers. It also usually provides the clients with Internet e-mail accounts, remote storage of data files etc.
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ISP stands for Internet service provider, the company that provides you a connection to the Internet. An internet service provider can be either local or national. An ISP gives you the software you need as well as an e-mail account and access to other options on the Internet for a monthly fee.
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Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) refers to a company that provides internet services for personal and business purpose. It is the gateway to the internet and everything that you do online.

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The full form of isp is 'Internet Service Provider'. ISP basically is a form of business organisation that sells access to internet to consumers. Initially most ISP organisations were run by the phone company. Now a days ISP services can be started by an individual who has sufficient amount of funds and expertise. Apart from providing Internet through a variety of technologies such as dial-up and DSL, they can also provide other services like Internet transit, domain name registration, web hosting and collocation.

ISPs use a wide range of technologies to allow consumers to connect to their network. For example for home consumers the most common services available are dial-up, DSL, Broadband wireless access, Cable modem and ISDN. Customers who have higher or more demanding requirements are give DSL, Ethernet, Metro Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet internet lines depending upon their usage and speed requirement.
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Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company that delivers services for using or accessing the Internet. Internet service providers may be ordered in various forms, such as non-profit or privately owned. ISPs provide Internet access employing a variety of technologies to connect users to their network. They use fiber-optics, copper wire, satellite and other forms to provide Internet access to its users. An ISP is only good if it delivers reliable and fast Internet service. Charter Spectrum Internet brings you the fastest ultra-high speed internet starting at 100 Mbps going max at 1Gbps without any data caps or disruption in internet service.

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Okay guy who asks a hundred questions as one question.  First he function of an internet service provider is to provide internet service to customers.  It works by purchasing huge bandwidth channels (typically fiber) from national backbone providers (like level one, cox, etc) and then purchasing equipment that can feed that network connection out to several users (routers, switches, and the like).  The difference between a broadband isp and a dialup isp is how the users connect to gain their access to their share of the bandwidth.  Dialup obviously older, allows users to dial in to a phone system and broadband users typically have a dozen ways of connecting. Broadband is always going to be more bandwidth to the enduser.  And while I am not a business major, I would imagine that the return on investment is dependent on the initial cost of establishing a business, the overhead in maintaining equipment, staff, and customer support, and the amount of revenue that the isp is capable of producing.  Just like any other business.
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The ISP is 'Internet Service Provider'. Through ISP only, customers can access internet services.

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