What Are The Features Of Isp?


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basic features of isp are;

it provides us the internet acess

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There are various features of ISP which are especially to be noticed when you are going to get subscription. 

As you know that with the expansion of the internet technology, various viruses are also created therefore, the very first feature of an ISP is to provide security. They can block various pop up ads, access of the children to adult material and other such stuff. Second feature of an ISP is the multiple email accounts. ISP usually provides 5 to 10 email accounts to one subscriber. This is more important in the case of commercial uses like in offices. ISP also provides free web space to the subscribers. Moreover, bandwidth offered by an ISP is also one of the important characteristics of the services offered by ISP. It determines the speed of the internet. ISP providers also offer a specific space for free downloading from the internet.
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