How Can I Find My User Name And Password For My Qwest Modem?


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Qwest is a high speed Internet Service Provider (ISP) that uses the DSL (digital subscriber line) modem. Qwest is considered one of the highest regarded ISP’s amongst the competition. Qwest provides its users a number of features including voice over internet protocol which uses the internet to make phone calls, as well as wireless internet connection.  There is only one way to recover your user name and password for your modem. You must contact Qwest customer support at (888-234-XDSL (9375). You may also initiate an inquiry for a different contact number via the Qwest internet website at
There are a number of internet sites that claim to be free username finders that purport their ability to help you locate and recover user names and passwords for a variety of modems, websites, and email accounts. There are a host of sites that offer tips and trends on ways to access this information. Still others offer password and user name recovery for a fee. Be cautious of these sites. Some of the free sites can only recover user names and passwords for social media sites; the same information that can be accessed via the site itself. Other sites are simply ploys designed to have you input potentially valuable and sensitive information to be pirated; as their search will fail to yield results. It is highly recommended you use the Qwest customer service to secure the desired information to avoid possible scam sites.
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  Qwest is a high speed Internet Service Provider. It makes use of the DSL modem. It is one of the best ISP's amongst its competitors. It also provides wireless internet connection which is very handy when you are using a laptop and need an internet connection. It also gives you the facility of VOIP which is Voice Over Internet Protocol which does not use the normal telephone line to make calls rather it uses the high speed internet connection line to make calls.

  Qwest has one of the best customer support department. Help regarding your username and password can only be solved by Qwest. Use the following number: 888-234-XDSL (9375) to solve the issue regarding passwords.

  The following link will give you information about the customer service of Qwest:

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