How Do I Find My Network User Name And Password?


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Finding your network user name and password is much easier than it sounds, so fear not! There are two ways to find your network user name.

Firstly, place your mouse over the icon which shows you are connected to the internet. On my laptop it is bars of signal strength but it is not necessarily the same on all computers. If you just hover the mouse over this (don’t click) it will bring up your network name. The second way to do this is to click on the windows icon in the bottom left hand corner of the task bar and click on "control panel”. Then click on "Network and Internet”, followed by "Network and Sharing Center” [sic] and it will also bring up your network user name under "View your active networks”.

Your password will be written underneath or on the side of your internet router - unless you changed it when you first installed the internet. If you have changed it but cannot remember what it is you will need to contact your provider (not your internet provider like Virgin or BT - but the router provider like Belkin, for example.)

The network user name, unless changed by you, will normally be the provider name followed by a series of numbers. However, you can change both the network user name and password to make it more memorable so you don’t forget it again in the future! You often need them when setting up new email addresses etc. Anyway, hope that helps - good luck with it all!
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It depends on what router you are using. If you did not reset your password and username, you may find some details on:

  • Device Owner's Manual
  • The Welcome Kit booklet
  • WiFi Modem or Router Sticker

If there's nothing, then you need to log in your router. You can Google how to do it or follow the guide to reset your Wi-Fi router.

Type the URL you find on the Official website of your device, without the quotation marks, in your browser. Enter the appropriate security input into the "User Name" and "Password" fields to log in to your router. If you haven't setup any special security measures for this particular router – both the user name and the password should be "admin".

Then you can change it and keep it in the secure place, in case you forgot it again.

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On Windows go to Control Panel, then go to User Accounts, each one should be listed there and can be set for password protection if desired, and name the computer, and create user's accounts by giving them names
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Let me tell ya something pal, you just made my day. I have been trying to get Outlook to work for 3 days now, and I couldnt be happier. Thumbs UP!
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EASY! Just do this;
1. Click sign in
2. Click "Forgot Your Password"
3. Finally, type in your answer to the secret question
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While am connection my   mails to outlook...for incoming message its asking network password...what is that help me
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