How Do You Get The Password Of A Phone If You Forgot It?


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Amit Singh answered
  The best way to recover password of a telephone, is by contacting the service provider. However, before you contact your service provider it is better if you try searching in the catalogue provided to you. There are possibilities that you may get any instruction on the issue. If you did not get any help out of catalogue try calling the customer care, it is obvious that they will help you with the matter. They might assist you on the phone or else, send a representative at your place to fix the problem.

  Another way is an easy way, but it requires patience and efforts. You can surf through any search engines and try to find out the solution. If you could not find any solution from search engines try to log on you service provider's website. It is possible that you might get some help from here. However, to make your work much easier we have activated link that can help you find the solution of your problem.