How to master reset a samsung sgh-a877 if you forgot the password or the the security code?


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Enter *2767*3855#. This works with most Samsung phones including the sgh-a877. You should understand that this is considered a "hard reset” in that you will lose all of your data because the unlock code sets the phone back to factory settings. This means your phone contact list, messages, and all other data stored on the phone will be lost.
Once you have your phone back and all information entered again it is important to copy all the necessary information to your backup such as to a PC. In this way you will not lose the data again if you ever forget your password.
Other codes that have been found to work with Samsung phones on a hard reset are *7465625*638*00000000*00000000# and #7465625*638*00000000#.
Some individuals have found that none of these codes work since the phone says the # and * is unsupportable. You have to be in the standby screen for any of the codes to work. If you find the # and * do not work try removing the SIM card. You can remove the SIM card and still have the phone turned on to enter the code.
If your phone does not have a removable SIM card you may need to speak with your service provider for the mobile phone. Tech support may be able to walk you through another process. However, according to the data for the Samsung sgh-a877 the code *2767*3855# should work if you remove the SIM card and then enter the code. Try it both ways such as leaving in the SIM card if one of the ways did not work.
Do not be surprised when all your data including ring tones, graphics, and all else have disappeared once the phone is back up and running from the code break.
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You can type this master code *2767*3855#  or *2767*2878#
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You could try here - there is a site which is supposed to help with this. You could also browse the Blurtit archives as several other people have asked this question in the past.

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