HOW TO FORMAT NOKIA 5130c-2 express music?


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The Nokia 5130c-2 XpressMusic is an MP3 player and FM Radio playing phone. The phone comes with a 1GB MicroSD card and its primary purpose is to be a combination phone/music player, hence the name. This model was one of the earlier models to utilize such capabilities.

Generally, the phone's instruction manual will explain how to format it. The instructions manual will have a contents page towards the front which will direct you to the relevant information. If you can't find the documentation then you can follow this link:
Alternatively, you could simply contact Nokia's customer services for help.

The phone can also be formatted by typing in a special keycode. The following codes should work:

  • *#7730#
  • *#7780#
If you type in*#7730# as you type in number before dialling you should then be prompted to enter the security code. The likelihood is that this is 12345, unless you specifically changed it. You should note that all your contacts, messages, and any stored data or media on your phone and its internal memory will be wiped. If your phone uses a MicroSD card then this will be safe from the wipe as it's an external device.

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