How To Format Nokia 6303 Classic?


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If you wish to format your Nokia 6303 Classic to its original factory settings, you must use the reset code. The easiest reset is to press Key Code *#7780# and the .ini files will be restored to factory settings. This, however, does not erase any media such as photos or videos off of the phone. If you want to complete a total reset of the phone you must first have a fully charged battery with the charger plugged in and linked to the phone. You must press Key Code *#7370# in order to complete the reset. If you do not keep the phone charging as you are doing this, it will completely ruin it. This is because it will destroy the memory in the phone. This method will erase all media on the phone, including photos and videos. There may also be an option under the menu then settings then general then factory settings to reset your phone to the original factory settings.

Do realise that once you reset your phone, you cannot get any of the data back. Your photos, music, ringtones, text messages, contact lists, and document files will be gone forever. There are software programs such as Nokia PC Suite that can back up your files on your phone. Some people have memorable photos or text messages that they can't bear to part from. If you are going to resell your phone, it is imperative that you restore the phone to protect your identity and privacy. If you are reselling it, you ought to perform the full reset. This way you know that nobody will have access to your personal information and files. It is probably best to try it manually through accessing the settings of the phone first, and then use the key codes if it doesn't work.

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