What Is Bluetooth?


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Bluetooth is a technology standard that enables different devices to connect and talk to each other. The devices do not have to be physically connected to each other. Remote connections are possible. E.g. you could upload pictures taken from your camera phone onto your lap top if your devices are Bluetooth enabled.

The name Bluetooth is derived from the name of ancient Nordic king called Harold Bluetooth who was considered to be a master mediator between to aggressors. One of the limitations of the technology is that remote access is not possible beyond a certain distance. It ahs been tested that one Bluetooth devices can connect up to 7 different devices at any given point in time. One of the problems with Bluetooth is that from time to time security breaches have been detected. E.g. an intelligent hacker will be able to get the address book from your phone even if your intention is to only upload photos.
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It is a wireless technology that allows two people to sent information over short distances through their phones and to connect to computer devices.

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