What Does =D Mean In Texting?


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There are many different text symbols used in internet and mobile communication.
The symbol =D is an open-mouthed smiley face that symbolizes happiness, excitedness, or joyous disbelief.

This symbol is part of a family of 'smiley' faces.

Smiley symbols for text messaging and internet communication

The most common smiley face is :) which, if you rotate 90 degrees, resembles 2 eyes and a smile.

The =D is simply an exaggeration of that principle.

Another smiley face that has a similar meaning is ^_^
This is a symbol more commonly used in Japan, China and South Korea.

Once you've mastered the basic smiley faces, you can then go on to make them more and more elaborate based on the different characters you have at your disposition.

Here are a couple of examples I like to use when I'm sending a message to one of my daughters, or my husband:

  • (¬‿¬)
  • ≧^◡^≦
  • <(^,^)>
For more examples, I'd suggest you have a quick look at Whilst some people are a bit disapproving of their usage, I find text symbols useful when you're not communicating face to face. They allow you to portray your mood and personality without using facial expressions or body language.
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It's a happy face or excited faced emoticon.
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It's a sideways, open-mouthed smiley face

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