What Is Texting?


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People my age think It's cool yet, I don't understand what is so appealing about it. Maybe it's the concept of being enabled to chat with anyone without the aid of hearing a voice, being near them, or sitting in front of a computer. I could ponder on this for a lifetime and never understand why texting is so popular.
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1) you can carry on multiple, simultaneous conversations; 2) in noisy environments (or without removing headphones); and, most important for some, 3) your parents can't overhear what you're are saying.
Texting while driving is astonishingly dangerous, but please do not confuse that limited behavior with the technology and sociology of texting in general.  It's kind of like highlighting the use of guns in Russian roulette to the exclusion of all other situations in which guns are used.
side note:  Blurtit places "Answer It" buttons in places where only the title is displayed such that the answerer never sees the additional information.  They should probably correct that to reduce answers such as aross93's.
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Texting is the best. I hate talking on the phone, always have, but I love text messages. Why? Because they're quick, private and just fun.

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