What Does :\ Mean In Texting?


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Text language can often be confusing; not only is it riddled with abbreviations, slang and mistakes (especially when people are texting on nights out!) but it is generally a shorter and blunter way of communicating. The use of : Can therefore have many meanings and can be hard to decipher!

‘:’ is a symbol used often in written communication at the start of lists or speech or a way to denote that something is to follow on from what was previously being said. In texts, however, it can also be used to construct ‘smilies’ which use the : Sign as eyes. For example when coupled next to a ) it makes a happy face, but when put to the left of a ( it shows a sad face. It can also be put next to letters in order to show other expressions. :P for example is a cheeky face with a tongue sticking out, whilst :S is a confused face. This demonstrates the huge range of smilies for which : Can be put into use, and can help to emphasise the message that the person is trying to get across in a text. When understood correctly, this can be very useful in preventing people from getting the wrong impression of the way that the text is meant to be received, especially as texts themselves are so blunt!

If you are really confused, perhaps ask the person from whom you received the text what they meant when they put a ‘:’ in, perhaps they didn’t even mean to include it in the first place! And perhaps they have even thought of a completely new use for the symbol, which certainly will explain it! Hope this helps.
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I use it like a texting gesture of  "shrug", "I don't know, how I feel about that" or  "yea right/whatever"
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It's like a sideways smile kind of.. Like confused or a little annoyed

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