How Can I Contact Yahoo By Phone?


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It is always best when interested in contacting Yahoo to be very clear as to which particular category your query or question falls under. This will save you immense time and will keep you from constantly being kept on hold and other irksome time consuming protocol.

The Yahoo number is 866-562-7219. This is the general helpline and chances are, you will be told to wait a couple of days until someone from Yahoo will get back to you. If you are interested in calling for reasons other than complaints, that is, solely for business reasons then you should dial 408-349-3300. However bear in mind that unless you know the extension of the person in Yahoo that you know can assist you, you may waste a lot of valuable time.

Another useful suggestion is by visiting the Yahoo website and clicking on the option contact us. This is probably an easier and less time consuming way to contact Yahoo.
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