How Do I Contact The Website Administrator/ The Head Of The Yahoo Web-based E-mail?


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To reach the administrator for the Yahoo Web-based e-mail for information or assistance, this is what you do. Go to the Home Page for Yahoo, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will find a line of contact words. Click on the word Feedback. A new page will come up with four statements of types of problems you may be having. Click on one of these, then go to little text box under this list. Write out your concern, problem, question or complaint. Begin with Dear Administrator so your message will go to the Administrator.

When you are finished, click, Send and wait, you will recieve a message, "Your message has been recieved and we will get back with you", (it will state, a number of hours, usually). Then you will recieve an email back with an explanation, suggestions or whatever is appropriate, within the time stated on their message to you, when you send your message.

This procedure is usually the only method we have to contact an Administrator for Email and other programs we use. The message may not necessarily go directly to the Administrator for resolution, because someone else could be responsible for resolution of your particular problem. It will brought to the attention of the Administrator even if someone else solves the problem.

If, you have a Spam Blocker, Adware or Spyware and a System Checker and Cleaner, and Virus control on your computer these should be preventing any serious problems. Be sure your browser is set to refuse Third Party Cookies, as these are what messes up the computer registry. Run a System Checker and Cleaner everyday, to prevent Third Party Cookies from remaining in your computer registry. Empty Cookies everyday from your browser, by clicking on Tools and then clicking on Delete all Cookies.
Good Luck!
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Hi have a problem that why I can't open my yahoo mail thru my laptop?some of mail like hotmail I can open but I can't open my yahoo mail..whenever I sign in its showing me I have msg in my inbox but I can view?why is that something wrong with my laptop or what?if I use the internet cafe my yahoo acct is working but its not working in my laptop..can you pls tell me why?
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obviously, no one!  Yahoo is pathetic when it comes to news coverage.  You are very biased to the liberal base; actually, somewhat fraudulent.  Shame on you!

Mr. Shannon

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