Can My System Administrator See My Hotmail Or Yahoo Mail Site On His System Through Server?


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I looked for this answer endlessly too. The end results was that it was physically possible, but very unlikely. If you are worried about getting in trouble for exchanging valentine's emails with your lady while you are suppose to be working, I would not worry about it too much if it is your computer.

If it is their computer, the chances of them having some kind of big brother watch is a lot more likely, and you may want to use your own laptop or netbook for those purposes just in case. However, if that was the case, you could get in just as much trouble visiting

Most third party email services are secure for a reason, and would be pretty lame if anyone could just break in and read anyone's email. While it can be broken into, the impression I have gotten, although not from personal knowledge, is that doing so breaks laws, and unless there is a reason (like say you are under investigation from terrorism or child pornography), you probably aren't going to get caught with a couple of riskee emails, assuming you make sure not to cc the wrong people.

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