How Can I Change My Yahoo Mail's Language To English?


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If you click on to this link: you will be taken through some steps, starting with your password to verify that it is you who wants to make the changes to your account, and which will enable you to change the language to English, and any other of your personal details, should you need to.

If there is anything that you are unsure of, there is a ‘Help’ icon in the top right hand corner, which, if you click on it, will take you to another page that covers everything that you need to know about your Yahoo account.

There are also contact details for Yahoo in case you need to report any incidents, such as someone accessing your email account without your permission.

There are also links for other things that may be impairing your experience with Yahoo, such as spam or other kinds of e-abuse, and advice on how to deal with incidents like these.

Although Yahoo is a free email service that is accessible for anyone, from any computer, they take their responsibilities seriously. Naturally, the nature of this kind of service means that there is very little verification as to identity when someone opens this kind of email account (or similar ones, such as Hotmail and Gmail) but if someone is unhappy with the service, or feels that there is an issue that needs to be addressed, it will be.

The main benefit of having this kind of email account is that you can access it from any computer, unlike the email accounts that get set up with your Internet service provider. This means that if you change provider, or if your computer has any faults, you can still access your emails without any trouble.
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My page is in german and I want it back to english, where do I go for that
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How can I change my yahoo mails language to english

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