Why Is My Yahoo Mail Program So Slow When The Rest Of My Internet Service Is Fast?


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This is rather strange to have every other website being fine on your internet and the Yahoo mail being so slow. It may well be due to the Yahoo mail site being down for maintenance or that their servers were having difficulties on that particular day.

It is common for individual websites to go very slow or not load at all if the site is experiencing heavy traffic (lots of people visiting the website at the same time) or that the server or website is being changed at the time you are visiting.

Therefore it is worth trying again as you may well find that the Yahoo mail site is now back to full speed. However, if you find that you are still having the same problem and it is still only with the Yahoo mail service, then it could well be worth trying to contact Yahoo mail.

If you are very unhappy with the fact it keeps being so slow it could be an idea to switch your email account. You can open free email accounts with Google; in the form of Gmail. It is very simple to set up and as Google.com is the biggest website in the world and it has the best servers. As a result they should always stay lightening quick while you check into your email account.
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Yahoo mail has become a pain ever since they introduced the new Yahoo Mail.  It is so slow to open and is constantly coming up with Code Error 5.  I like so many others am now going to go with Googlemail which is so much faster.  Yahoo get your act together.
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Thanks for the info.

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Instead of it you can also check by clearing the history of your web browser that will make space to access the Yahoo mail faster than before. Other than run antivirus on your PC or the device that will scan your PC and the device whatever you are using to access Yahoo mail. This will remove all the infected or the junk files and make your browser to run faster. Then, you can easily access your Yahoo emails and account too. To know more visit: http://www.yahoosupportnumber.net/blog/yahoo-mail-unresponsive-behaviour-while-scrolling/
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Yahoo mail service is not slow anymore you have to check your yahoo version. I think your yahoo messenger app is old version. You need to update yahoo messenger into the latest version. For more info, visit here: http://www.exactrelease.org/get-your-yahoo-messenger-updat-link-1082672.html
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Yahoo "free" email is too slow because of the heavy advertising which takes up too much bandwidth thus slowing the mail aspect.
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Yahoo has been slow for the past few months & shows no signs of improving.
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My yahoo mail sucks!!! So slow and frustrating. I would love to go to gmail but being a business would be terrible to switch. But I may do it anyway. I have all of the above problems!
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My yahoo si sooooo slow is horrible! I'm so sick of it..
I live in China and Yahoo is slow all day long at night lately is even worse! At night it wont even load the yahoo page...Why would anyone want to advertise with Yahoo if the customers can't even sign in to see their annoying advertaising.

The Internet just gets worse and worse with time! It is just a bunch of garbage!
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My email is so slow too, I've given up to check my emails, I'm tired of it, it's been a long time it's slow, I think moving to gmail is a good idea
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I'm getting sooooooo feb up with yahoo mail, they just started letting me forward emails after weeks of complaining. Now they won't allow me to go back and see my sent emails, the page just keeps loading, loading,loading,loading,loading and then it STOPS. What is wrong with YAHOO. Fix the problem, PLEASE !
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I felt this slow thing long ago, and for past one and a half year I have been using POP to access mails. But it seems that it's time to move, because for the past 2 days even POP is not working fine, not even with 200kb mails.
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Yahoo mail is painfully slow. Perhaps if they remove some of those speed robbing advertisments loading all over the pages of their email system.
It's javascript hell on everything yahoo touches.
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Do you have Skype installed on your computer?  Today, of all things, I had telephone numbers disappearing from my email messages and web pages.  When I googled the problem about the telephone messages the answer appeared to be a Skype problem  So I uninstalled both Skype 4.1 and Skype web features and everything seems to be functioning well now.
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My mail is so slow that I can send a letter by regular mail faster.  It's important  for me to keep in touch with my family, but Yahoo is making that impossible.  Advertising,  and a lot of people working is just an excuse.  Wake up Yahoo!
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Mac users should try Thunderbird. You can configure it to open both Yahoo and Gmail emails. Very fast. Don't need to go through Safari (which uses bandwidth of its own).

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- Update browser
- Update Flash Player and Java runtime environment
- Clear cache and remove temporary internet files
- Use Reginout to remove junk files from your PC and Browsers.
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Dear! One reason which I can see by reading your question is that may be there is a lot of traffic on the yahoo mail, and lot of people are working on it that's why the yahoo mail is so slow, the more the traffic on the internet site the more it will take time to get open.

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