Can U Show Me Some Email Addresses?


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There are far too many email addresses available to all be listed here. The likelihood is that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will have included email addresses as part of the package taken, however if this is not the case then there are a very many web based email providers that will give you an account free of charge. Listed below are the three market leaders in 'webmail' provision.

Windows Live Hotmail

Boasting an incredible 364 milllion users Windows Live Hotmail began life as HoTMaiL as a pun on HyperText Mark Up Language (HTML) back in 1996, and was the first ever web based email service. Thanks to the meteoric rise of HoTMaiL and its ever growing popularity Microsoft paid $400 million to acquire the service and renamed it MSN Hotmail. A decade later and the product was relaunched again as Windows Live Hotmail offering unlimited storage.

Yahoo! Mail

At over 273 million active users on average per month, although very impressive, Yahoo! Mail comes in a not very close second place in the popularity stakes, but to be fair Hotmail had a two year head start. Yahoo also offers unlimited storage, email attachment allowance of up to 25 megabytes and integration of Windows Live Messenger, as well as support for a number of applications and services.


Never slow to make an impact Google's web based email service is a relative newcomer having initially been an invitation only service in 2004, it was finally made open to all in 2007. In just seven short years from 2004 until 2011 Google is threatening its peers, coming up the rails on both Microsoft and Yahoo with just under 194 million users a month. It is thanks to Google's innovative thinking in setting a one gigabyte storage limit on inception of the service that the market leaders followed suit and now offer unlimited storage, while Gmail have stuck to a still very impressive 7 gig limit.
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(your id address which you created like:-abc)/(site in which created a account like:-yahoo,gmail,etc)/at last .com

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